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Visioning Processes and Tools for Transformation

Guided visionary journeys inward are a wise way to receive guidance for personal and professional concerns.


Inward Bound Visioning Processes are are a well-tested, effective and enjoyable path to transformative renewal and empowement by your inner-most wisdom sources.


Take an Inward Bound Vision Quest for personal and/or professional transformation.     

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Client Accolades

Initially a skeptic, I now enjoy visioning as a peaceful and successful means to look at alternatives.
Terry Grim, Fortune 50 Information Technology Executive

Oliver Markley is a wonderfully gifted and intelligent facilitator who assisted me in healing hidden unresolved issues... He reads energy very well... He comes from the heart.
Carolyn Chew, R.N.


I was lifted out of my imagined swamp and 

transported into sunlight and fresh air.
Resa Ott, University Executive

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Visioning sessions indoors or at a scenic site of your choice are available for individuals, couples, work teams and executives.  

Or get a guided phone session

from your home location.

Tools for visioning:

  • Transformative Re-Visioning

  • Journey Inward to Source

  • Visionary Time Travel

  • Body-based Intuition for Wise Choosing

  • Experiencing Needs of the Future

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Basic Questionnaire: A survey of questions to help you focus on what you would like help with.


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