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After 19 years with the university my department was being eliminated. My husband was a stay-at-home dad, I provided the only income for my family, and I felt like a pariah at work even though I was the one being RIF’ed. I was terrified and depressed. Into my morass walked my friend, Oliver Markley. He suggested he lead me in a transformative visioning process. Unfamiliar with the process and a little nervous, it was an incredible experience. Done in my office in the middle of the day with nothing but his voice, he helped me visualize my fears, determine what I was really afraid of and create a new vision, a picture of where I wanted to be and where I was immediately able to move. I was lifted out of my imagined swamp and transported into sunlight and fresh air. It surprised me that the new vision stayed with me and that I was able to continue to look at the same situation with new eyes. Moreover, once I regained an optimistic sense of myself, a new position opened up that I continue to love.

Resa Ott, Director of Alumni and Community Relations, University of Houston-Clear Lake



I would like to take this opportunity to attempt to describe the many “miracles” that Oliver Markley has helped to usher into my life. He truly knows how to make the growth process as easy as humanly possible and to help ease physical ailments. He has the most incredible “box of tools” that it has ever been my pleasure to experience. The results of our “sessions” have always been immediate, long-term and beneficial. He has a most inquisitive mind and is always on the lookout for new processes that, after his due diligence, will be a welcome addition to his other tried and true tools. After having spent a great deal of time with Oliver, I am convinced he truly is a shaman and is genetically engineered for the type of work that he is involved in. He is a natural healer and is most happy when he is working within the elements of healing and making a contribution to another. He also reads energy quite well and I am sure this is most beneficial to him and his healing abilities. I have never encountered anyone who after being exposed to Oliver and his tools was not 100% delighted and anxious for more.

Alice Dearborn, Retired Construction Business Owner and Avocational Explorer of Consciousness



Dr. Markley represents the best of three worlds: (1) a scholarly thinker and writer, (2) a tireless explorer and researcher of human consciousness, and (3) a deft facilitator, evoking a person or group's highest outcomes. I give him the highest accolades because of this rare and balanced blend of competencies, suitable for just about anyone's path toward self-realization. I believe that it's accurate to refer to Oliver as a real "meta-guide."


Layton Payne



In 1992, I took a course taught by Dr. Oliver Markley, called, "World Futures" at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. This highly academic and challenging course curriculum included the areas of international history, international relations, and regional & global trends. This rigorous course required students to write plausible visions of world futures toward the end-quarter. We had acquired a lot of knowledge by the end-quarter, so it seemed unlikely we could envision anything beyond fact and theory. To our surprise, Dr. Markley facilitated the class with visionary techniques that enabled us to "envision" the world to the year 2000 (at the time). This exercise turned out to be very successful. I owe my career to Dr. Oliver Markley. Today, I work as a director of consulting for a global advisory firm and I write about scenarios and visions of world futures for the United Nations. Every year since 1997, I have been published by the American Council for the United Nations University's "Millennium Project."

Susan Jette, Mill Valley, CA



Oliver Markley is a wonderfully gifted and intelligent facilitator who has assisted me in healing hidden unresolved issues that were affecting the freedom of living my life in the present. His work with me has allowed me more expression and creativity in my life. I grew and I changed. This is Oliver at his best. He reads energy very well and is sensitive and respectful. He comes from the heart. I am in gratitude. Thank you, Oliver!!!!

Carolyn Chew, R.N.