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Here are the intellectual and psycho-spiritual foundations
of INWARD BOUND Practices:

Using Depth Intuition Methods for Creative Problem Solving and Strategic Innovation.  Published in the Journal of Creative Behavior, and reprinted in the Creative Education Foundation’s Source Book for Creative Problem-Solving—A Fifty Year Digest of Proven Innovation Processes, this is an introduction to the most useful ways I have found to tap “depth intuition”—an intellectually neutral code phrase for soul-level insight and guidance.  Most of my INWARD BOUND offerings have their roots in this technical journal article.

Visionary Futures: Guided Cognitive Imagery in Teaching and Learning about the Future. This is a position paper written for a special issue of the journal, American Behavioral Scientist that focused on studies of the future.

The Fourth Wave: A Normative Forecast for the Future of SpaceShip Earth/Gaia. This is a position paper exemplifying the futurist school of thought sometimes called “Transformative Futures.”  Although almost a decade old, and using a "problem-oriented" motif that I no longer use as a way to motivate people, its characterization of how a global transformation could occur is even more relevant today than in 1995 when it was written for a visionary client in the aerospace community.

The Omniverse Center for Cultural Development. This is a far out, but true story about how, while riding a bicycle home from my work at the Stanford Research Institute, I was escorted on an inner plane of consciousness to something I was told I might call "The Omniverse Center for Cultural Development—an intellectual oasis for evolutionary operatives." And it tells about how I later took some of my SRI research colleagues there as well in order to solve a pressing futures research problem that we were not able to resolve using ordinary thinking.

Why do We Dream? This is a case study I published in the Whole Earth Review of a dream that was lucid to the very process of lucid dreaming.  It depicts five overlapping functions that dreams fulfill, and thus, why we dream.

Through the Light     
This is a detailed report of Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s extraordinary transcendental experiences during an hour and a half of clinical death, before he came back to life. It is even further out than—but completely consistent with—the two experiences of my own listed above, and it may be considered the most complete vision currently available in writing on the types of understanding and beingness that INWARD BOUND Visionary Journeys can experientially inform us about.

Changing Images of Man was a 1974 Stanford Research Institute study led by Oliver Markley with Willis Harman, Joseph Campbell and others. It visualized a new consciousness paradigm for society.

Changing Images 2000, by Thomas Hurley, is both a retrospective assessment of that pioneering study and a forward-looking extension of the conclusions and applicability of the original study for the new millennium.

INWARD BOUND Visionary Journeys and Trans-formative Tools are a direct application of both studies. The practice of these "higher consciousness" methods has led to a continuation of this intellectual/spiritual discovery sequence in the following INWARD BOUND project:

Unfolding Images of Life is a currently ongoing project of exploration and practice how to consciously ascend to more enlightened ways of living, both personal and social. More a compendium of resources for subsequent work than an "easy read" for the curious, it has much to offer for the serious (and fun-oriented) seeker of practical wisdom.