Inward Bound

  the greatest journey we ever go on

  Austin, TX

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Listed below is a road map of “standard” visioning processes. Other “custom designed” processes are also available.

Transformative ReVisioning
is an inquiry process for Higher Self-guided transformation in the way you see your most pressing problems.  It magically produces a profound shift in how you see your world, and how your world sees you.

Journey Inward to Source is a meditative process for experiencing the Source of your consciousness, and (optionally), to then explore a vision revealed by your Higher Self.  It gives you practical wisdom about your life. 

Mental Time Travel is a remote viewing process for journeying into alternate probable futures--both for practical problem solving and for entertainment.  It is especially valuable as a way to look before you leap--comparing the probable outcomes of differing strategies or choices, whether personal or professional in order to choose the best decision now.

Body-based Intuition for Wise Choosing is a quick, easy way to avoid the biasing rationalization inherent in mental thinking about what is best to choose.

Experiencing Needs of Future Generations  is a Visionary Time-Travel Journey from Nomadic Times through Agricultural, Industrial, and Post-Industrial/Bio-Computer Eras, to the far distant future 2,500 years ahead.  You will experience how your decisions today directly effect the needs of future generations tomorrow. 

An entertaining and educational journey—producing an insightful ecological outlook!  


         Birth of Light

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."   

Albert Einstein     



INWARD BOUND:  Core Processes.  

These represent the “best practices” for psycho-spiritual releasing, transformation and emancipation to a “higher octave” life-style characterized by love, compassion and joy.  

Telephone Sessions

Inward Bound visioning sessions can be powerfully and safely done by phone.


Training for professional practitioners is also available.