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  the greatest journey we ever go on

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Inward Bound Visioning Processes are a wise way to receive guidance for personal and professional concerns.

Specific benefits associated with specific visioning processes were listed on the Processes page. They are also entertaining, inspiring and can be just plain fun.

Naturally, the benefits of an INWARD BOUND experience depends on which specific processes or journeys you undertake, why you do so, and on the extent to which you follow through and actually apply what you learned when you return to your normal life.

When so desired, the Inward Bound approach fosters co-creative partnerships in your life at three integrated levels in consciousness-personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal:

  • Personal: cooperation between the lower and the higher aspects of one's being. The lower aspect is the ego self (the sense of self that is experienced as apart from, rather than a part of transcendental consciousness). The higher aspect is what, through the centuries in various cultures has been called the Soul, Higher Self, Atman, etc, (which is characterized by its part/whole unity with transcendental consciousness). 
  • Interpersonal: cooperation between two or more individuals, as in committed couples, families, work teams, businesses, and other institutions of society. 
  • Transpersonal: cooperation among humans and between humans and other life forms in ecology, as in the phrase, "global consciousness.

Here is what some previous users say about the benefits of this work: 


Guided Visioning is like someone taking you on a tour of mystery and adventure in your own mind. It takes a person of courage, experience and great integrity to effectively guide groups and individuals with these powerful tools. Markley has all the above and the gift to make it an entertaining art form. The sum of the experience is durable, positive change. I have seen Dr. Markley's visioning tools consistently open doors to creativity, foresight, and personal growth for dozens of people. For me it was an amazing introduction to the theater of the mind and out of it evolved a personal mythology and set of tools that are self -supporting.

Lloyd Walker, Software Executive and Entrepreneur

Dr. Markley is an expert guide and instructor and allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed in an environment you may not otherwise open yourself up to.  Initially a skeptic, I now enjoy visioning as peaceful and successful means to look at alternatives.  I encourage anyone who has not done so to consider a session and then decide on the effectiveness for themselves.

Terry Grim, Project Executive, A Fortune 50 Information Technology Company

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